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It is important to answer the next question - why?

Why should we build dimensions with curved surfaces, if all has been already adjusted for building plane, cubical constructions long time ago?
            Yes, that's quite right, but God, The Universal Ratio, does neither design nor build in that way...

        Architecture of the Noosphere is harmonious biopower interrelation between a human being and the architecture surrounding based on natural forming.

V.N. Grebnev



The basic principles of construction of modern human dwelling are yet the same since dolmens and megaliths. The frame (support) and the ceiling - that is the core of a construction being. Walls are the support overlapped from the top with slabs, which are the ceiling. Stone, wood, metal and reinforced concrete are the basic materials for these purposes.

And that is the way of fencing almost any room nowadays too.

Everything else is architecture.

A man withdrawn into himself from divine nature, hiding himself beyond dead walls, floors and ceilings. Accordingly to that, the world has fenced off from us with the same walls. We live like enemies. We destroy the nature - and so the nature fight with us.

Up to now the existing architecture of past and future was condemned to be the architecture of fear. Of fear of the world and of the human itself.

Such architecture construction is excessively labour-intensive, nonvolatile, expensive and resource-demanding. Brick, concrete, metal, lumber - all that is heavy, all requires deep foundations, strong footings and tensioners. Power mechanisms requiers a lot of metal, power engines and much fuel. That is too heavy, too inconveniently, too bulky and uneconomical. And therefore that is a loss - permanent loss of time, money and profitable outlooks. And all that is made in order to fence some part of air volume, to establish a microenvironment, to produce heat and water supply there.

A man drags everywhere his bulky conscience, molded into a monolith.

It is advisable to fence air volume with light shapes (forms), which are in harmony with outward things. The nature does not create complicated, nonmobile structures and technologies, unlike our ways of construction.

It all flows, it all changes in the divine world, because the nature does not have a right angle.

The ideal form is a sphere (ball).

Wise nature has put the source of life into an egg - not into a cube! Human's skull is a spheroid too. All celestial bodies are spherical - not cubic! The World is full of flying balls - but not of flying cubes!

Just imagine, what energies, working loads and tensionings have astronomical bodies to carry, to withstand! Have anybody seen a cubic or rectangle-shaped UFO at least once? Nobody have. Perhaps aliens have found new kinds of energy and knowledge due to the fact that they could overcome their "cubic" way of thinking? And maybe they have never had it at all...

From the standpoint of enyology (don't confuse with envirology) – a science studying processes of energy-informational exchange in the world - domes and covings possess the feature of regular distribution of load and energy intenseness concentrations.

Unlike angles (and especially close to 90 degree), spherical shapes have integral feature of steady stress field without any considerable zones of intenseness or pathogenic abnormalities (anomalies).

The mankind's understanding of the Universe began from a conception of gold ball, gold egg, which had the Universe unwrapped from, like from the symbol of creative origin.

«Epochs of waiting for the birth of new just world correlate with spherical forms, with the theme of World Egg».

«Epochs of proactive formation and development of tradition correlate with parabolic forms, with the theme of germination and coming into being.».

When the mankind lived and developed itself in some round-shaped dwellings (in layout): jurts, wigwams, marquees, chyums, - it understood the nature and was indissoluble with it in its conscience. Having moved into cubes we began to fight with nature.
«We shouldn't wait for any favors from the nature. To capture these favors - that is our goal».

When it move back to the sphere, human's conscience will transform into a creative, generative origin to a greater extent.

At all times and to present day man had connected divine energies with spherical surfaces, reflecting that conscience in religious buildings: churches, minarets, mosques and so on.

We need rapidly erected, pliant and fast-solidifying spheroid forms, and ideally they should be transparent.

The strength of a sphere is provided for regular distribution of loads between all points of its surface. It works perfectly both under constriction and under sag (deflection). These ones are construction axioms.

  1. Sphere is the best form for the house in case of wind or snow forces.
  2. Sphere possesses the biggest volume having the least surface area at the same time.
  3. The materials consumption, labour-intensiveness and time of sphere fabrication are minimal.
  4. As the sphere is jointlessly made, therefore heat loss is minimized and heating installation is minimal.
  5. Everything required for spheres construction can be mounted on 2 or 3 trucks.
  6. You don't need renovation of roof as it can't leak initially!...
  7. The question of airing and ventilation is solved very simply - an air-tight round-shaped window at the top of sphere.
  8. Sphere-house is cheap in operation; there's no need to renovate or paint frontage, roof, slab floor or attic floor.
  9. Considering spheres' lightness, solidity and stiffness it is extremely effectually to build it in seismically dangerous regions.
  10. You don't need extra component cells for house footing, as the volume is «pulled out» right from the frost zone as a single whole (we have got different technologies for different kinds of soil)..
  11. It is much more difficult to destroy such integrally erected sphere by explosion - even if breaked through in one or several places sphere doesn't lose its constructive capabilities and doesn't fold.
  12. It is comfortable and profitable to build such spheres in out-of-the-way places: mountain recreation and tourist centres, exploration work centers, residential areas in the North. To out-of-the-way places everything required equipment could be delivered by helicopter.
  13. The use of spherical compositions gives us new shapings in such buildings as pools, greenhouses, saunas, hothouses, stalls, car parkings, pavilions, halls, shops, cafe, fitness-centers, offices, cinemas, gyms, pensions, camps and so on.
  14. We now are able to create spherical multitiered urban structures, using only minimal areas for the footing; we can extend space frames above the highways.
  15. Cable-stayed structures will also fit well in spherical ensembles (spatial crossings, large cantilever gabs of terraces and galleries, inclusion of landscape and waterscape).

It is possible to make spatial volumes of any shape (in layout).

It is desirable to leave some places with living green grass and flowers in one of spheres, where you can walk barefoot even in winter, regenerating your energetics.

Having adjusted the technologies of making spheres of different sizes right at the site, we will create cheap (that is just like the nature should have), always new construction. And there the one who build his house will be an architect.

Construction like that one will make the human's dwelling not such expensive, labour-intensive and resource-demanding; accordingly, it will mould the greater degree of freedom, mobility and independence in human's conscience.

A house as a basis of human's living should be considered and set in from its center, from its central point.

As all living organisms and atomic structures were conceived and initiated by the Divine intent. How could you set in a right angle or a square here? That all would fall to pieces.

That is Her Majesty - FORM - which underlies the universal evolution!

That is where base of the basis takes place.Cosmic energies create in space such forms, which correlate to themselves. And nohow else. And vice versa - in space forms give rise to those creative energies.

Like a piece of metal, having been treated with X-rays and taken away as far as needed, then begins to emit those rays, that received information.

Form assigns parameters for space and time. Bending, straining, discharging them along its shaping force fields. It may seem strange, but form is fundamental for the evolution of human conscience.

If it is a BALL underlieing the basis of the Divine world creation (and as a consequance - a torus, a circle, a spiral, a wave, an ellipse, a parabola), and if we replace it by a CUBE as the correct form (and as a consequance - by a square, by a rectangle, by a right angle, by a straight line) - then we do change, we do destroy the process of evolution, created by the Universal Ratio.

All in our world is bipolar. There is the Light - and there's the Darkness; there is a particle - and an antiparticle; a matter - and an antimatter; people - and unpeople; a plus - and a minus; a man - and a woman, and so on. Accordingly, there are forms and coordinates bearing Life, and there are forms and coordinates bearing devastation and death. It would be fondly to believe that they haven't created their own shaping origins, their own great FORMS with diametrically opposite influence. These forms do exist and they are A BALL and A CUBE!

BALL has a balance point in every point of its surface, but try to put CUBE on its edge of corner!..

But the mankind fortunately or unfortunately (we don't have a right to decide) has advanced with a CUBIC way of development, having built endless derivatives about prescribed theme. Having driven himself to exhaustion, having isolated himself from the living world with casing, lifeless and brutal brick-reinforced-concrete structures, being sick with all diseases and being angry with everyone and everything, the Man fatally approaches his collapse.

We fight cruelly with all living on the Earth: forests, seas and rivers, flora and fauna, and even ourselves! We burn out the atmosphere mercilessly, we hate and try to alter all that was created by The Auctor Rerum Creatorum.

Ceasing to understand the Divine world we began to be afraid of Elements, ceasing to understand ourselves we began doing our walls, metallic doors, grates, bunkers more and more durable and thicker, began installing 3-meter-high fences, using video-cameras, security guards, and hiding heads like ostriches we are forgetting that we are killed not in thick-walled houses but just in the streets and in our house entrance. So why should we spend so much money on safety? It's much cheaper to live honestly and fairly.

But it seems that we're going to desroy the Earth just in order to build all of those ugly things.

Remember dwellings of early epochs. What walls did they have? One can easily pierce it through by knife! But it was just those people who had seriously comprehended the essential principles of the Universe and had passed it to us. And this knowledge is so Vedic, that all contemporary pragmatic science nods its head in agreement with those fundamental principles. And alse those people gave birth to us, wayward ones.

The Universal Ratio is great creator. He created billions of forms. And all this vivifying multiformity was molded without a right angle, a square, a rectangle or a cube, without metal valves!

Metal has tired... It has tired in dams, in concrete panels and floors, in bridges, arms and metalware. All is getting ruined. Man cannot restrain that worldwide tiredness of metal. And at this moment of time we should invent new constructional materials.

Why do whirlwinds demolish right-angled towns? There's no need in explanation, I suppose. The reason is that they have different shaping origins.

Why do waves wash away right-angled towns? Because a plane «fights» with everything! It can't be flowed or flown around - it can only be destroyed!

Scientists have shot many Galaxies, but for some reason none of them has a square or a rectangle in its foundation. And the same situation can be seen in microworld: remember atoms, molecules... The Universal Ratio designs and «builds» exactly in such way.

So why does a man lay a rectangle or a square as the foundation of his own HOUSE, where he would bear children, fall in love, suffer, rejoice, die, building his existance in this world on the planet called the Earth?

And it doesn't matter what a man is designing or building - a kindergarten or a maternity home, a hospital or a palace, sport facilities or a restaurant, a government house or a railroad station, a cowhouse or a dwelling house, - he uses A RIGHT ANGLE as a basic coordinate everywhere.

Right angle - is a virtual coordinate that exists in explicit form neither in space nor on the Earth.

Right angle - is a distillation of pragmatism, rationalism and agression.

Right angle - is concealed by the Universal Ratio from all living creatures and withdrawn from the processes of existence's creation.

        Now we can make a conclusion.

Living in a virtual, pernicious for all living creatures paradigm of right angle, we are inevitably approaching to the energies, that generate such forms.

A man is «webbed» of curved surface; creating a man, God had used a right angle neither in cells nor in organs - nowhere in all body. This statement doesn't need any proofs. A man pathologically cannot live in plane, cubical volumes if not just destroying himself gradually.

Draw your attention: nowadays a man subconsciously begins to get away from right angles, but yet in small scopes. There are almost none right angles in design of domestic appliances, cars, etc. - on the contrary, these things are very ergonomic, they bring joy to our eyes and soul, it is comfortable in them like in mother's womb, they are smooth and organic. There can be seen many plastic lines in the interiors now, and people who live in them become more natural, more harmonious. Now it is time for building houses on the basis of curved surfaces, and maybe we would stop fighting everything that isn't created by us...

People began to use round-shaped tables for negotiation and felt, that it depends even on the FORM of a small item - a table - would it be a consent or a war...Peace at round table, but war - at square one; that is so simple to understand...

And that what Her Majesty FORM means.

As pure living human soul mirrors the world, reflecting in itself, so as human dwelling should be clean, transparent and interpenetrative with mother-Nature.

The architecture should be permanently changing and harmonious as a life itself; it should advance itself: form out of form, function out of function - as it were a living cell. Light-weight, bright, transparent, inexpensive, without poured concrete forms and dogmata - that is how the architecture of the future will be look like, we suppose. And our goal is to make it the architecture of the present.

What fact is important, is that a human feels a need
For reproducing cosmogony during any construction,
And this reproduction makes him a contemporary
To a mystic moment of the world origin,
And that he feels a need for returning into that
Mystic moment for rebirth as often as possible.
K. G. Ung